Painting Service in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

There is much importance in hiring a reliable painting service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to paint your home. 

A good painter will surely provide professional service. You have paid for the service, so we believe that you have paid the amount so you want to save the hassle and don’t want to have some unqualified painters that will mess up your home even more. 

We mentioned that the reliable painting service is essential because there are cases that painting companies give poor quality service.

However, be rest assured as we are definitely going to make sure that you are happy with our painting service. 

Our painting service includes:

  • Interior painting service

The interior painting includes all the parts of the home that you feel that it needs to be refurbished. Whether it is house painting or commercial painting, we have it covered in our service.

  • Exterior painting service

Every house needs a repaint after several years due to the wear and tear and this is why we use good quality paint that will last longer so that you don’t have to keep on repainting it. This is because for exterior painting, high quality paint that can last against sunlight and rain.

  • Various building painting service

For painting service for buildings including townhouses or even condominiums, we would need to visit the building itself before giving you more information on the quotation and the timeline to complete the project. We focus a lot on our punctuality so we would want to finish our painting job in time.


Why should you choose us over other companies that provide the similar painting service? 

We differentiate ourselves by providing the services below:

  • Professional service of our painting service team will ensure that you are happy. We paint your home just like how we paint for our home, so we would surely pay much attention to it, so that you are happy with our service.
  • Experienced painters are hired to service you instead of some part-timers that don’t bother about the quality of painting. Our painter’s quality of work will surely make you feel that it’s worth the money to ask us to paint your home.
  • Our services are affordable although we provide quality service. We only charge a higher price if more effort or for higher quality paint.
  • We have a free on-site visit for our service, and of course a free quotation for you to refer to.
  • We can give you colour consultation advice on how you can improve your home or building.

So, if you are interested in our service, please call our customer service team so that we can try our best to assist you.

Our Painting Service Includes:


Terrace House




Industrial Building


My family is happy with the condo painting service we received. We will definitely recommend your services to others! - Stella

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