6 Mistakes to Avoid When Engaging a Painting Service in KL

We all want to hire the best painting contractor who can make sure our home or building looks nice. The way your building is painted is what represents your whole building. No matter how well designed and pretty the building you have, the painting can make it look better or ruin it. Poor work done by inexperienced painting contractors can affect the overall look of your house.

Hence it is important to choose a painting contractor in Kuala Lumpur that is professional. 

Here are six mistakes to avoid when engaging a painting service

Hiring An Inexperienced Painting Contractor

This is the most important part, where we need to find someone who is experienced enough to take your painting project. Also, a new contractor might not be experienced in choosing the right materials and giving good colour consultancy service. 

Not Doing Background Check On Painting Company

There are some scammer companies where after paying the deposit, they become a no show. Some poor reputation painters may do a bad painting job and leave the mess to the owners to clean up. Hence it is important to do a background check on the painting company. Read the google reviews and if possible hire people through referrals so you can get a direct and honest feedback.  

Not Getting A Written Detailed Quotation

Another mistake we tend to make is that we settle with the first quotation and not knowing what the charges are for. Sometimes, contractors give us a single receipt with the whole price without the breakdown of the costs. If you do not know the detailed quotation, it is most probably because your service provider is trying to charge you at a premium price!

Insufficient Preparation As Not Enough Questions Asked To Painter Before Job Started

This is a common mistake we make when hiring a painting contractor. It is important we know the types of materials and services that include before they start working. Make sure you have discussed everything including details on the painting work, completion time, and the type of paint materials to be used. This is to ensure we are sure of what is happening and to see if the contractor is the suitable service provider for us. 

Only Getting One Quote Before Choosing Painter Team

If you are looking for the perfect painting contractor, don’t just choose the first option immediately. Make sure to keep your options open, visit a few companies and obtain a few painting quotes before choosing the right one. 

If you are still concerned over who is the best service provider that suits what you want, do not be afraid. You can call or email us to book a consultation now!