Small Bedroom Painting in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We provide small bedroom painting service for homeowners in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Painting your small bedroom can do wonders for your space. The most important reason is because we want to make the room look big. It can be suffocating to be in a small room and feel stuck but with the right paint and colour combination, you can definitely make it look bigger and better. There are many ways to paint your small bedroom, here are some ideas to consider:

Feature Wall 

A feature wall is a wall that stands out from the others in the room. Here, people usually use a different colour or design to make it look different, it definitely will look unique and eye catching! For example the wall that consists of pictures or the television hanging. Another thing to take note when making a feature wall is using complementary colours, make sure the colours or design compliments the other part of the room. You do not want your room looking uncanny! 

Neutral Colours 

If your bedroom is small or looks like it is lacking space, we can help you to repaint it. One of the most notable tricks is when you are choosing the colour of your small bedroom. Neutral colours are a popular choice because they will help open up your space and make it look more spacious. Not to mention, you will have all the freedom to decorate your room when you choose white or other neutral colours. 

Ombre Wall Effect

An ombre wall effect is when a single paint colour slowly melts into another making it look like a watercolor like effect. When we talk about ombre wall effects, this is one of the easiest ways for you to try something new and looks great. There is something very satisfying and calming about how one colour transits to another and that is why ombre wall effect is never out of trend or style!

Consider before you choose the type of paint and design you want your room to be. First of all, what type of furniture do you already have or want to buy in the future? Does it compliment the colour and look you are going for your wall? 

You need to have an overall theme or look in your mind before choosing to paint your small bedroom.

Consider the type of paint and brand you want to use. For example oil paint gives a sleek appearance, if that’s what you prefer, then you found the right type. 

Are you hesitant about painting your small bedroom? Well you do not have to worry, we provide services to paint your bedroom, hallway and other spaces in your property in KL, Klang and Petaling Jaya. To engage our high quality and professional painting service, email or call us now.

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