Bungalow Painting in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We provide bungalow painting services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for homeowners. Obviously, a good bungalow paint job beautifies and adds character and personality to your home. For this reason, it is important to spend enough time planning which colour scheme and paint style for your bungalow. 

Also, bungalow painting protects us against bad weather, insects and other harmful substances. Therefore, bungalow repainting is an important aspect of home maintenance.

Types of houses we help our client to paint includes:

  • Terrace house 

Giving a fresh paint to your terrace house can increase its market value. We provide creative painting ideas for the master bedroom and garage of your terrace house no matter it is single storey or double storey. 

  • Semi-detached house

We create attractive exterior including the facade, roof, windows, doors, colour and overall effect of your house. At the same time, protect your neighbours semi detached house when we paint yours. 

  • Condominium

Our painter workers will cover all surfaces to protect your furniture.

  • Apartment and studio apartments

We will provide you with a FREE site survey of the premises of your house and a suitable painting solution on the perfect color that suits your personal taste or apartment style. 

We will work with you to discuss your needs and explain the painting process. When painting the exterior of the house, it is important to choose waterproof and weather-resistant paint brands like Dulux, Nippon and ICI. 

It is best to choose an environmentally-friendly paint like low VOC paints. Choosing antifungal and anti mold paint can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus on the surface of your house. While an anti-corrosive paint can work against acid fumes and adverse weather conditions.

Lastly, you should decide between oil-based or water-based. What’s the difference between them? 

Oil-based paint can produce stronger, more durable topcoats, making them great for exterior coating projects.

On the contrary, water-based paint is the most durable. It is durable, flexible, and can withstand damage caused by adverse weather conditions and heavy rain. Hence, choose the one that meets your needs. 

Our pricing is competitive and affordable, depends on various aspects:

  • Size of area – Painting costs will vary depending on the size of your home. 
  • Job timeline – If you need your house to be painted quickly, the price is affected too. Our workers will need to work overtime in order to complete painting.
  • Number of painters – Higher labour cost will be incurred if there are a lot of workers involved in the painting project. 
  • Condition of surface to be painted – An uneven, cracked or holey wall or ceiling surface will need preparation before the painting begins which is more time consuming for the painter.
  • Purchase of paint materials – The paint you choose will greatly affect the cost of painting your house

Makeover your house with a new look by engaging our professional bungalow painting service, saving you time, money and pressure. Feel free to contact our team in Klang Valley, Kajang and Damansara for a FREE consultation today.

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Your painter team has done a good job working on painting my bungalow house in Subang Jaya last month. The property is now ready to be rented out. Thank you. - Andy

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