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Engaging a feature wall painting service in Kuala Lumpur, Setia Alam and Selangor can bring about endless possibilities to your house living room, office or retail space. A feature wall can affect the look and feel of the space and produce visual effects. There is nothing more exciting than a blank canvas to begin with.

Feature walls can be an exciting design element for your home. Creating a feature wall in your space can add interest in the room through texture, color and contrast. Besides, a feature wall is another way to stamp your personality and provide much-needed beauty.

Feature wall ideas: 

  • Many methods

You can be very creative in painting a feature wall. Aside from traditional painting, there are many others painting techniques which can create a different feeling. Using spray painting can be stress-free, exciting and brings creativity.

  • Colour combinations 

Combining 2 or more colours can come out with different effects on the room. An easy way of color combination is monochromatic which is choosing 1 colour with similar tone for your space and to your taste. In contrast, bold or contrasting colour is another good choice for colour combination to make a powerful statement when 2 contrast colours work together, they can bring out the strength of the other.  

  • Stripes

It can either be vertical or horizontal stripes depending on your interest. Horizontal stripes creates a visual illusion that your room is larger. Vertical stripes can make your ceiling look taller. Hence, by incorporating stripes can add in more impact into your room. 

  • Metallic paint 

The reflective look of metallic colour is appealing and gives the room a luxurious and attractive feeling. However, do strike for a balance while integrating metallic paint. 

  • Ombre or gradient paint effect

An ombre paint effect is good to create a dreamy, water-coloured effect using a few colours. It is a great alternative that allows you to use the ombre trend in your stylish home.   

There are some common areas which are suitable for a painted feature wall for example your bedroom, retail space and office. While for office, a feature wall that enhances the elegance of the space can create a comfortable working environment.   

So, take the time to think about the design and material that you are choosing to use for your feature wall. Do discuss with us for your feature wall painting project in Klang Valley, Shah Alam and Kepong. Please do get in touch with us through call or email.

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