Floor Painting in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Floor painting is gaining popularity in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor cities other than walls and doors painting. 

Painting the floor can not only protect the floor but at the same time act as a luxurious decor for the home. It does not only apply at home but also in the shoplot, and warehouse environments. In short, floor painting provides a protection coat which can create a stronger and more durable floor. Apart from raising the practicality of your floor, it turns the boring floor into a lively one.

There is getting more people understand the value of floor painting, let’s see what benefits of floor painting that make you feels worthwhile for your money and time:

  • Aesthetic Purposes – This is important especially for retail shops. No one would like to enter a shop with a dusty and dirty floor, but welcome a clean, smooth and shiny floor. This shows your service quality towards the walk-in customers. 
  • Cleanliness – Floor painting makes the cleaning process easier which can effectively reduce the spread of harmful germs.
  • Easier Maintenance – The cleaning and maintenance can be done quickly. Don’t forget regular maintenance for a glowy and long-lasting floor even after years. 
  • Safety Purposes – Safety in the major concern. Floor painting can avoid uneven floor surface and cracks which may lead to slip and fall. With floor painting on, the environment is much safer to move around on it. 
  • Anti-slip for Bathroom and Kitchen – Reduce the risk of slipping from the slippery and watery surface. 

Our floor painting service includes:

Epoxy floor coating and painting service. Epoxy is most of the customers’ first choice. Why? Epoxy floor coating and painting has a more appealing surface which can be elegant and sleek. Not only looks great but epoxy is easier to maintain. 

Concrete and Cement Flooring. Concrete floor is another common type which is used in many factories, and retail public buildings. Firstly, concrete floors have lower maintenance fees in the long run. In addition, its installation can be done quickly which can save much on labour cost and time. Lastly, concrete floors are damp resistant which is suitable for bathroom and kitchen. 

So, why should you engage our efficient floor painting service?

Painters in our company are having years of working experience which is very professional and mature about the whole painting process. Our time is always flexible and adjustable to work in line with your available time. You can count on us for on-time project completion.

Are you confused on which epoxy floor coating or painting is better? Do not worry, please call our customer service team and we will provide you the best quality floor painting solution. Set an appointment with us for a FREE consultation at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

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