Garage Painting in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

If you are considering garage painting to make it look more polished, allow us professionals in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to give you some advice on it. We always suggest that you get professionals to do their work instead of DIY the painting of the garage since you can save money and time. Not only that, you can enjoy hassle free time while we transform your garage to a better working environment.

Our garage painting process is simple. First, we provide a FREE site survey to our customers and suggest how to improve the appearance of the garage by painting. We will follow that by giving a FREE quotation for each of the alternatives available to you. If the customer accepts the quotation and makes the deposit payment for the project, we will then set an appointment at a suitable time with the customer. 

During the project day, we will arrive punctually since we believe that both parties want the work to start and complete on scheduled time. We will start cleaning surfaces to prepare it for the painting job. If there are small patches or holes that need to be covered, we will help to fix it so that the paint can be applied evenly. We are applying primer to the surface before painting it to produce a better coat when our workers start painting it.

Our garage painting service includes:

  • Door

Having the garage door painted will improve the appearance of the garage, and make your garage more appealing to others. This will give your guest a feeling that you pay attention to small details since most people leave their garage door in plain colour.

  • Floor

Most garage floors are made from concrete, so we will use appropriate paint that is suited for concrete painting only. The suitable paints are usually water resistant to protect it from oil stains that dripped from the car from time to time.

  • Wall

Painting the wall of the garage will make it look more clean and organized. You will feel comfortable when you see the clean garage after you return back to home after a long and tiring work.

  • Ceiling

Most people don’t paint the garage ceiling but you can paint the ceiling too if the colour has faded and the surface has lots of imperfections.

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Our Exterior Painting Service Includes:







We also paint exterior parts of your house including the walls, car porch and other exterior areas that need to be painting. Although we are experts in garage painting, that does not mean that we are not good at painting other areas of your house. 

We only take in the top quality painters that have several years of experience in this industry so rest assured for the paintwork. Our professional painters are committed to paint you a perfectly looking house.

Please call our customer service team or email us if you need more information on how we can get started in painting your garage right away.


We finally decided to repaint our house's garage and engaged your painters to do so. Thank you for the amazing job done! - Jamerson

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