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Our girl room painting service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor can create a room with a specific style that a girl loves. As your little princess grows up, she may no longer need to put sweet fairytale decals on the wall or put a rabbit theme in a childish room. It’s time to revamp the room into a space that reflects her maturity and foreseeing future needs.

A beautiful girl room first starts with choosing a colour. A colour is important to decide the overall room feeling and influence the mood of a girl staying in. Each colour scheme can create a different beautiful environment.There are few colours which are the common favourite colour by most of the girls. For example, pink, purple, blue, black and white. 

Pink may be the realm of princesses. A pinkish girl room can give a soft and soothing appeal. You can match it with other brightly colored furniture, while still having an inviting and relaxing feel. Moreover, pink can be paired with soft grays, creating a girlish, timeless combination.

For black and white, this is a classic combination which can allow you to create a beautiful space with different patterns of black and white with pops of teal.  

For a bolder look, choose some bold purple colours for the room which can give the room a romantic look. Depending on the one or more shadows you use, it can show the appearance of the room in multiple directions.  

Furthermore, a feature wall is a smart choice to apply in a girl’s room. Painting a feature wall is like inserting a creative element to jazz up a boring room. A feature wall can sometimes make the room look more spacious depending on the colour used. 

If you are looking for a painting idea for a little girl’s room, chalkboard wall paint can be your choice. It is something that entertains the little girls but takes up almost no space. They can draw, colour and explore their creativity.

Important elements when painting your kid’s girl room?

  • Paint material

Firstly, choosing a quality and long lasting painting material is important. The brand and quality of the painting materials should not be overlooked.

Choose the one which is environmentally friendly with low VOC paint. VOCs are harmful chemicals responsible for paint fumes which bring harm to our health.  

  • Furniture

Match the room’s colour with other furniture and lighting to complement the room atmosphere to the maximum level. 

  • Ask your child for their ideas

Kids have their own dream room in their mind, better ask for their ideas. Adults and children often have different tastes when it comes to color. Bring her a color wheel, find the best choice, and remind her that the color she chooses should be the color she can use in the next four to five years.

Our professional painter team also assists with boys room and bedroom painting projects in Klang Valley, Shah Alam and Damansara. Painting a girl’s room does not have to be stressful for the parents. Contact us now to create a dream space for your children in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

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My 6 years old daughter really likes her newly painted princess themed girl's bedroom. Thank you for the painting service! - Mrs Ong

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