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Grill painting would be easy if you have found yourself a quality painter in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor with excellent workmanship which can solve most of the problems for you. 

Here are few signs that tells you that you should hire an experienced painter to repaint your window and door grill:

  • After years due to wear and tear

The paint of the grill may come off after using it for a long period of time. This is when you need a repaint of the door grill. If the paint peeled off and was left untreated, the door grill would rust easily when in contact with water, which would cause irreparable damage.

  • Protect grill surface

Painting of the grill is done to protect the grill surface. If done properly, the useful life of the door grill will get improved even more, and daily care of the door grill after the painting will save you a lot of money to repaint the door grill in the long run.

  • New look

When bored of the current appearance of your window and door grills, this is a suitable time to repaint it for a fresh new environment.

We are professional and we do take necessary steps on your grills before painting it.

Some of the step that we take includes:

  • Remove debris, dust and rust 

Removing all the debris, dust and rust that are on the surface of the grills before painting to ensure an even coat of the paint. Unremoved dust that gets coated by the paint will lead to an uneven surface if it’s not cleaned beforehand.

  • Use paint removal material first

Paint removal can be used if you want to clean the paint off really thoroughly. It works by breaking the bond of the paint material, and thus the paint can be cleaned off easily.

  • Ensure the surface is dry and clean before painting

Before applying the paint to the window or door grill, the surface must be dry and clean to make sure the coat adheres to the grills. If it doesn’t the paint will probably peel off easily again, which makes all your effort in vain.

  • Also cover areas surrounding grill to prevent paint from dropping to other surfaces

Paints are hard to clean off without using chemical liquids including thinner, so we will cover the surrounding with newspaper first to avoid spilling or splatter of the paint.

We also paint window frames, metal gates, doors, fences, and the floors of your house. Our company values a lot on quality, so we ensure our painter to use sufficient primer and top coat. Not only that, we use weather resistant material which can protect your grills from the elements.

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Our house entrance gate was old and some parts were rusty. Thank you for the grill painting service. Our home's grill looks clean and new now! - Mr. Haris

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