Plaster Ceiling Painting in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Many people choose to hire plaster ceiling painting service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor since it is very challenging to paint a plaster ceiling if compared to other surfaces. This is because when the wrong primer is used, the paint will crack and peel easily. 

The right timing to paint your plaster ceiling will definitely give a better effect to the finished look.

When you should paint your plaster ceiling?

  • When peeling

When your plaster ceiling paint is starting to peel off, this indicates that your home is giving you hints that it is the time to repaint the plaster ceiling again. One of the causes is heavy rain which causes water to seep into the ceiling of your home especially when you are staying at the highest floor of a property.

  • After repairing water damage

We mentioned that water damage is the main cause of the peeling of the plaster ceiling paint. Therefore, we advise that you repair the water damage first, which is the root of the cause before repainting the plaster ceiling. 

  • New look after years or to prepare for festive seasons

During festive seasons, it is good to change the appearance of the house a little by repainting the plaster ceiling for a nice-looking home.

After knowing more about the timing of when to paint the plaster ceiling, it is important to prepare the plaster ceiling surface before painting it. We recommend you check the surface properly and scrape off all the uneven paints like those which have peeled off to ensure smooth painting. 

After giving so much advice, allow us to promote a little bit about our painting service. We do provide painting services for other areas including the garage and walls. Our services are very affordable and we will treat your house so you can enjoy the space after the painting project is completed. We value the happiness that the customer feels after experiencing our quality service. That is why most of our painters have several years of experience, so we believe that you will be amazed by their professionality. 

Please email or call our customer service team for more information on our plaster ceiling painting service in Klang Valley, Subang Jaya and Kepong and we shall assist you from there. 

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Our living room plaster ceiling had yellow spots due to a leaking roof. Thank you for helping our family to repaint the plaster ceiling. - Mr. Lim

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