Restaurant Painting in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Restaurant painting is an important aspect when running a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Selangor but not many of us pay enough attention to it. 

When someone walks into your restaurant, the first thing people notice is the colour and design of your restaurant. Have you ever heard of Instagram worthy spots for F&B spots in Klang Valley? Well you could have an Instagram worthy restaurant in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor if you want by hiring professional painters. 

Still not sure? Here are some areas you could get your restaurant painted: 

Main restaurant area 

Main restaurant area is the most important as it is the main area where your customers will be. A colourful and vibrant painted restaurant interior could attract your customers to stay longer and even come back for more! 


Let us be honest, most of us fear using restaurant bathrooms as we assume it is unhygienic. Why paint your bathroom? That is how people evaluate your hygiene level. A nicely painted bathroom comes off as a clean one and when your customers use it, they will be confident that your restaurant prioritises cleanliness. 


Heard of a conducive working environment that produces better work performance? Well, a well painted wall can help provide that workplace for you! In the food industry, our customers are our top priority but people remember us for our food. So why not give a comfortable area for your chefs to work in? A simple painted kitchen can make it look so much better! 

Exterior space

What do people see first before coming in your restaurant is how the building exterior looks. It is the face of your business and you should keep it as good looking as possible to attract potential customers and look different from others. So the solution is to get it painted and make it stand out from others! Remember that the outside matters as much as the inside. 

Feature Wall 

If you do have an empty wall in your restaurant, consider making it into a feature wall! Choose interesting and vibrant colours to paint your feature wall and make sure it looks perfect to keep your customers happy. A feature wall can help you highlight key aspects of your restaurant or could be used as an advertisement area if you colour it correctly. 

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Highlight small areas 

There are some areas that are constantly overlooked when it comes to painting such as window panes, ceilings, doors and many others. These are the key aspects of your restaurant and painting it can give a good edge to your overall restaurant painting. So make sure you pay close attention to details and paint them up! 

Ready to paint your restaurant now? Looking for someone right for the job? Be rest assured, we are the best choice for you! Our painter services include colour consultation, we can help you purchase paint supplies from our supplier at cheaper costs, work on various professional painting services and so much more! 

Besides restaurant painting, we also perform other commercial painting projects in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor such as cafe painting, retail shop painting, office painting and others.

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We just opened a new restaurant in Shah Alam last month. We managed to engage your team do perform the painting service at a reasonable price. Thank you. - Mr Abdullah

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