Painting Specialist in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our painting specialist services are available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for people who are looking to paint their homes or buildings.

We are professionals and experienced painters who are trained in the painting industry. Before coming to us, a lot of homeowners have considered painting their home by themselves but soon came to realise they need our help.

Why hire our painters instead of doing it yourself? 

Save Time

This is one of the biggest factors when you think of doing it yourself, if you are working a full time job, you will never have enough time to allocate for painting your home. If you hire us, you will save a lot of your time. 

Save Money

Some people opt to do it themselves because they believe it is a cheaper option but one thing to note is that you will have to spend a lot of money on buying the extra tools and materials. Our painter will guide you on what paint material and brand to purchase and ensure you choose the most affordable and quality ones. 

Quality Workmanship By Experienced Painters

If you want to have quality painting work done on your home, hire a professional painter. Our painters are experienced and have handled many projects before so they know what they are doing. 

Colour Consultation Service 

Everyone has a good taste, but it is hard when you need to be the one deciding on it. Does your favourite colour suit your home? That is why colour consultants are good at helping you choose the right combination of colours for you if you need this service. 

Longer Lasting Paint Job As We Do Proper Surface Preparation

Another important thing is that, if you haven’t painted your home in a long time, old, uneven and bumpy surfaces need to be fixed first. Skilled painters are able to smooth it and ensure the surface is ready to be newly painted. 

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Our Painting Service in Available in The Following Locations:

Kuala Lumpur


When we say we are experienced, our team can help you with your: 

House Interior Painting

We are experts in interior painting, we not only paint but also make sure your walls are coloured to suit your taste and preference. 

House Exterior Painting 

The paint used needs to be weather resistant if you want it to last long hence why you need to engage skilled painters to advise you on what materials and paint style you should choose. 

Building Paintings 

We have worked on painting projects in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Kajang for shop lots, factories, commercial buildings and many more. 

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