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Hire a window frame painting service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to improve the appearance of your window and the overall appearance of the building. Window frames are structural support that holds the panes of the window in place with the aid of spacers and holds the window into the wall of a building. 

Painting window frames can bring a dramatic impact on the aesthetic appearance of a commercial building. Painting helps avoid damage which may cost you a lot of money in the future.

Aluminium window frames are commonly used by most people. Aluminum window frames are valued for their slim shape, durability, low maintenance and strength. However, aluminum frames are not recommended in wet areas. Hence it is recommended that you spray paint them with waterproof material for durability. 

Apart from that, wooden window frames are a favourite classic material for many house owners. It is known for its warm appearance. However, wooden window frames need higher maintenance, regular painting every few years, and are prone to wood rot and insect damage. 

The benefits of painting wooden window frames is to avoid water and moisture soaking into the wood and protect it from damage by the sun rays. 

Spray painting provides a fast and economical way to apply high-quality coatings to your window frames. This technique gives a high degree of control and uniform coverage on wood, metal, plastic and fiberglass surfaces. It can effectively reduce the time to complete a project, minimising downtime and cost for the job. Other than fast and affordable, spray painting creates a smooth look to withstand usage over the years and corrosion in order to last longer. 

In a nutshell, painting increases the durability and can help to preserve the natural colour of the window material. Therefore, it is definitely a wise and affordable solution for many homeowners.

Our company performs other exterior painting including doors painting, wall painting, roof painting etc. Every painting material we use is of good quality. Be rest assured you can rely on us for your painting job.

Feel free to call or email us for a consultation on the suitable window frame painting for your house in KL, Klang or Shah Alam.

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Our terrace house windows looked old. Thank you for providing excellent window frame painting service. They look clean and beautiful now! - Rachel Sim

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